Motolux Offroad does not guarantee the fitment of any wheel and/or tire or combination on any vehicle.  There are too many factors including aftermarket flares, mudflaps, lifts, levels, damage etc...that may impact fitment.  Please measure carefully or call us if you have questions regarding fitment.


Due to the expense of shipping wheel and tire packages, we do not accept returns.

However, there are a few scenarios that can happen that we want to ensure are resolved as fast as possible.  We will make it right but we request that you help us out by taking pictures for us and inspecting your package before you unload it from the delivery truck.

1) If you were shipped the wrong product please contact us so we can make it right.  We will only ship what you ordered.  Please ensure that the bolt pattern, offset etc... are correct prior to making a purchase.  No refund, replacement or return will be offered if you ordered the wrong color, offset, bolt pattern, etc...  However, if we shipped something you didn't order we will make it right at no charge to you as fast as we can.  Due to product shortages this can take a few months in certain instances.

2) If your product was damaged during shipping please contact us so we can make it right.  Please take pictures of any damaged products prior to putting them on a vehicle  If your package shows any evidence (including but not limited to scuffs by stud holes, rocks in tire tread, scrapes on inside barrel, tire machine damage etc...) it has been on a vehicle we will not refund, return or replace anything.  You must find and report damage prior to installation on the vehicle or the mounting of tires.

3) TPMS sensors are tested prior to installation.  If they will not mate to your vehicle then you are responsible for costs for diagnosing and repairing your vehicle and/or the sensors.  If a sensor is found to be damaged or failed within 1 week of receipt of your purchase, we will ship you a new sensor at our cost and pay a local shop up to $50 to install it and program it to your vehicle.  Certain Ram trucks may require Mopar brand sensors.  There is no way to determine if your Ram truck requires Mopar sensors.  In the event you find that your Ram requires Mopar sensors we will refund you up to 50% of the purchase price for the sensors you purchases from Motolux Offroad.  Please note that Canadian versions of trucks may require alternative sensor programming.  Motolux Offroad has no way to know if your truck is a Canadian model and takes no responsibility for any programming or syncing problems related to your truck being a Canadian model. Please be aware that many 1 ton trucks do not have sensors, even if they are a premium trim level.  Motolux Offroad will not refund the cost of sensors in the event that you discover that your truck does not need sensors.  Please check for sensors prior to making your purchase.


Motolux Offroad uses datafeeds to import pricing.  Most of the time these prices update without any trouble and are accurate.  In the event that a problem occurs and the pricing is not accurate, we reserve the right to cancel your order and adjust the pricing to the accurate amount.


Motolux Offroad works hard to ensure that online inventory matches actual warehouse inventory.  However, there are times when the warehouse may show wheels but not actually have them, or the warehouse may run out of stock prior to Motolux Offroad being able to update the website.  When this happens we will refund your purchase and you can select alternative products.


Motolux Offroad will honor manufacturer's warranties and assist with facilitating the warranty process.  However, any warranty is soley up to the discretion of the manufacturer.  Certain manufacturers may require that you ship the defective product to them at your expense.  Further, Motolux Offroad does not cover any costs for shipping, labor, freight, or other costs involved in facilitating the warranty process.


Motolux Offroad uses a variety of carriers including FedEx, UPS, USPS, couriers and trucking companies.  Some of these carriers do not have tracking available or tracking may not be current.  Therefore, please review the following information prior to contacting us about your shipment.

Trucking - Can take 1-5 days after your items have shipped.  Trucking companies often use one truck to pick up at our facility and then take the shipment to a terminal where it is moved to a different truck that will actually deliver to your address.  This can take a few days especially if there is a holiday or inclement weather.  Trucks also run into traffic, breakdowns etc...and can be a bit unpredictable.  Please take this into consideration.  As soon as we find a better way to ship.  We will use it.

FedEx, UPS & USPSCan take 1-5 days after your items have shipped.  We typically have current tracking numbers for these shipments, but it can take us up to 24 hours after your items have shipped for us to actually receive a tracking number, especially if the items are shipping directly from a warehouse.  When that happens we have to wait for the warehouse to send us the tracking number.

Couriers - Typically a courier shipment will arrive at your address the business day after we ship.  Unfortunately, there is no tracking available for couriers.