Our Story

So what's Motolux Offroad?



Great question.  I'm Joe (that's me writing this in my office).  This whole thing started as a fun side project.  But I quickly realized that buying wheels and tires for trucks is friggin' confusing.  There are so many different factors that affect look, price and fitment that it takes forever to figure out what to buy. 

Plus, there are so many myths and misinformation out there it just adds to the confusion.

I made Motolux Offroad to make buying wheel and tire packages fast and easy. 

First, because I needed it keep all the chaos from making me crazy.  Then I realized other people might like it too.

So, instead of having infinite wheel and tires choices that takes hours to scroll through...our experts hand pick specific wheels and tires so you can quickly find exactly what you are looking for. 

Plus, we are the only wheel retailer in the industry to have a fitment calculator based on real-life testing.  Our calculator knows if you're going to have rubbing issues because we've actually seen it on a truck and programmed the calculator based on what we saw.

Seriously, we're hell bent on making buying wheels fast and easy.


Why should you buy here?



First, that's me and I'm out there working like a crazy man to make all this happen for you.  Second, there are at least 6 other reasons why:

1) Touchless tire machines - There is a 0% chance that we scratch your new rims.  Or, we'll buy you a new one or two or four.

2) Professional assembly - Do you really want some $11/hr kid assembling your $3000 set?  What if he puts the tires on backwards, or scratches something?

3) Great prices - We fight hard to have great pricing.  You deserve it.

4) Fast shipping - We can ship fast because we only sell what we can ship fast.  10-14 days isn't acceptable here.

5) Easy to shop - Use our filters to shop by your truck year/make/model, pick a design, and check out.  No more researching.

6) Safe and Secure - We aren't out to scam you.  We just want your truck to look good.  If we sent you the wrong thing, or there's a scratch, just send them back and we'll refund you.*




*Please review return policy for details.