Have a Problem with Your Wheels or Tires?

We take warranties seriously. 

Nobody wants to go through the warranty process for fun. 
Here's how we handle your warranty:

  1. Day 1: We receive your claim in our Sales inbox and we treat it like a Sale
  2. Day 1: We check the time frames to make sure you are in warranty
  3. Days 1-3: If you are in warranty we find out how long it will take us to fix the issue.  This can involve a few phone calls and a day or two before we hear back.
  4. Day 3: We e-mail you to update you on your warranty, how we are going to fix the problem and how long it will take.  For stocked items we are really fast at fixing the issue because we can just ship you a new item.  However, if we have to order something in we will provide a timeline.  Sometimes our vendors are out of stock so it can take a few weeks for them to get the item we need to service your claim.  As of 11/1/21, certain rims or tires may take months to get a similar replacement.

Please be patient with us. 
We will reply to you on Day 3 at the latest. 
We want to have time to contact you with solid answers and a plan to make this right.
Please complete the form below and we'll take it from there.