Did you just come from Facebook?

Don't leave until you read this!

Before you go, I want you to know a few things.  We use Facebook to test designs, to test fitments, to test pricing and to meet customers in person. 

If it doesn't work on Facebook then we know it's going to be tough sledding in our online store.  Plus, we've had a lot of great suggestions from customers to make this place even better.

What you see here are the results of our testing.  We have great designs that fit on your truck, all priced extremely aggressively.  We can do this because our Facebook tests help us minimize how much we spend on inventory and advertising. 

It's not shady, it's smart and it saves you time and money.

Plus, by being here you can use a debit/credit card to pay for it instead of just cash.

We've found that it's a great way to do business for everyone involved.


Thanks for stopping by,